3 Powerful Ways To Attract A Woman

Showing the girl your intent, making a woman feel desired or simultaneously making her feel respected is a predicament that a lot of men face. How does one do this? It does require a slight balancing act.

In order to attract a woman or any women, you have to show your genuine intent, make her feel respected, awaken the passion inside her and listen to her. To emphasize further, here are the three powerful ways to attract a woman;

Don’t Be The Nice Guy

The nice guy will respect a woman without showing her any hint of desire. He will not show his intention at all because he’s frightened of coming across as a sleazebag or coming across as creepy. Basically, their goal is for her to see him as the white knight. For her to suddenly realize that all the other guys are sleaze bags and only wanted one thing from her, this man that she’s ignored for so long is actually the one who she needs to be with. This is the game plan of the nice guy and the reason why they never get the girl. It’s a very Disney fairytale ending, but it doesn’t work like that because the woman would have already categorized him in the friend zone. He would have just prolonged the friend zone by using that tactic.

Respect Her And Listen To Her

You must show your intent and make the woman feel desired while simultaneously making her feel respected. Showing your respect doesn’t have to be through politically respectful compliments. In fact, with your compliments, you can be quite sexual and extreme. Focus more on the in-between stages. Are you actually listening to her? This is so crucial. It doesn’t mean just sitting there like a mute and nodding your head. What it means is proving that you’re listening to her by giving her a pep talk, offering some words of wisdom or challenging her. These moments show that you respect her on a much more superior level. If you actually show her that you’re listening and you make her feel that she’s the only person that you’re talking to, these things that happen between the compliments, flirting and conversation skills would help maintain that feeling of respect.

Stay Away From Vague Compliments

As a general rule, stay away from the vague compliments such as “you look lovely” or “you look beautiful”. It’s not going to bespoke for her. On some level, she’s going to feel that you’re using this old chestnut on another girl. So replace those vague compliments with more tailor-made bespoke compliments that have been designed for her and only her. Thus, make the interaction like it can’t be copied and pasted with anyone else. Furthermore, make her feel that she’s privileged to be talking to you and make the interaction like it can’t be copied and pasted with anyone else. She will feel a lot more unique and special when she’s talking with you.

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