7 Mutual Masturbation Techniques For Couples

Sex is not always about kissing, thrusting, grinding and stimulating. You also have to know how to pleasure yourself and your partner through masturbation. Masturbation is not a taboo. It is a super powerful weapon in producing orgasm. If you know how to masturbate yourself, then you probably know how to masturbate your partner. Masturbating each other cannot be and will not ever be awkward. In fact, it is an indication that you know your partner’s body very well and you are comfortable with them.

And, did you know that you can make a person addicted to you by just masturbating them? Yes. A person can be totally obsessed with you because why not?

First things first, you have to fully understand the anatomy of your partner and which part of his/her sexual organ gives them more pleasure. Since you’re a couple, limits and boundaries are not an issue.

Here are the masturbation techniques you can do as a couple:

  1. Up and Down

This first masturbation technique is the very basic up and down motion. This is super easy. For the man, focus on the clit of your woman. Take a finger and start rubbing up and down on the side of her clitoris. Then slowly shift your finger over her clitoris for more stimulation.

For the woman, touch his penis when his clothes are still on. Grab his penis in just right pressure – not to gently, not too firm, then start moving your hand up and down in a rhythmic motion.

  1. The long slow stroke

The secret to a more arousing masturbation is through long and slow stroke. For the man, lightly and softly glide your finger or two over the middle of her vagina and clitoris in long slow stroke. Once you already hit the part of her vagina that is more sensitive, try to go with fast strokes.

For the woman, start slow and then gather speed when you know he is near to climax.

  1. Four fingers

If one or two fingers are not enough, four fingers is fun. For the man, run and rub your four fingers over her clit and vagina in circular motion. You can rub in small circular motion then shift to larger one for greater stimulation.

For the woman, while grabbing his penis, do a circular stroke on his tip then rub it up and down in circular motion as well.

  1. Squeezing

The base of the clitoris, known as the clitoral bulb, is more sensitive than the clit. For the man, place your thumb and your index finger on either side of the clitoris then press down and inward then squeeze with gentle pressure.

For the woman, place your thumb on his frenulum, the string-like piece of skin connecting the head of the penis to the foreskin, then place your first and second fingers on the opposite side and squeeze. You can hold the position for few seconds before releasing and doing it again. Afterwards, stimulate her penis again.

  1. Lick and Suck

Masturbation couldn’t be complete without licking her vagina and sucking his penis. Most men can fuck but not all can properly eat a pussy. For the man, the most sensitive part of the vulva is the one in front of you. When you shed them apart you will find the clitoris and there you are going to start the fun feast.

For the woman, the tip of his penis is his most sensitive part. Licking and kissing it then do deep throating can give him a powerful orgasm he will never forget.

  1. Vibrator and grapefruit

Obviously, vibrator is a man’s substitute when he needs her to keep going. How about the grapefruit? Many men swear on how grapefruit can be used as a vagina substitute. They say that grapefruit feels like a very wet vagina that when they start pushing and pulling their penis they can’t help but get orgasm. The texture of the grapefruit is bursting on them making them feel more arouse and active.

  1. Lubricate them

Lubes are the infamous hero of sex. Unfortunately, so many couples think they do not need lubricant. The fact is, lube is a great product to use in masturbation. You hands can glide smoothly on his penis, and she can produce orgasm easily when you put some of it on her vulva while stimulating her. Avoid friction and discomfort by using lubes and you will surely have the best masturbation ever.

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