Sex Guide To Muffing Your Man (Or Woman)

Muffing is an oral sex technique that can be done to men and women alike. When we say muffing in a woman’s perspective, it happens when her vagina is being eaten. It is intensely pleasurable for a woman. The way on how to do it is by licking in circles the clitoris, lapping it up and down, or side to side. A woman’s clitoris is little love button because it is full of nerve endings. Once you stimulate and muff it, it can lead to full and fast orgasm, quite faster than vaginal penetration.

How about muffing a man or a trans woman?

Introduced by Mira Bellwether in her Fucking Trans Women book, the word muffing refers to the penetration of the inguinal canals on a male-bodied person. This subject is so rare that it is rarely discussed in the society.

To light the others, how do we define trans woman? Trans woman is a woman who was assigned male at birth. They feel like a woman, act like a woman and wants to be fuck like a woman. They’re straight woman. Though they have penis, it doesn’t work like a penis.

Moving forward, how do you muff a man or a trans woman?

Most people do not know that men have inguinal canals located in the groin area. This area is a pleasure zone and can be penetrated. Locating it need love and patience. To locate it, move his testicle aside and search for two separate canal openings somewhere behind the scrotum on either side of the penis. There are two rings in the inguinal canals. One is the superficial ring, which is on the exterior of the canal where it enters into the scrotum, and the other one is the deeper ring, where you put your finger all the way up until you reach the intra-abdominal. The deeper ring is the one you should search for. It is enveloped by flesh and somewhat as long as the pinky finger but it be stretched overtime.

When it’s your first time doing it, take it slowly and carefully. Penetrate the deeper canal until he is aroused. Some men still want to play with the penis, but most of trans women are aroused by it. They are more aroused when they are being fingered on their inguinal canals.

Why is that? The nerve that is running in inguinal canals is called ilioinguinal nerve, or I-nerve. This nerve is in close proximity to genitofemoral nerve, or the G-nerve. So when you stimulate the I-nerve you are also hitting the G-nerve, which produces pleasure and arousing sensation.

Moreover, these canals are the reason why trans woman and sumo wrestlers can hide their dick. The testicles can be pushed back into the canals to keep them. But what if you cannot still locate the inguinal canals? Remember the time you are freezing cold and it feels like your scrotum is getting tight? That’s because your testes have ascended back into the opening of the inguinal canals to be warm. There is where you can locate your inguinal canals.

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